Peter Scott Vetark Professional and petDetect

We had a really good show this year with a lot of interest from exotics vets – leading to quality discussions. Whilst never completely manic as we were not on in the central walkthrough, we certainly didn’t get many chances to sit down!

The interest in Vetark’s critical care formula, probiotic range and fish anaesthetic continues to grow every year – as do the success stories which keep us motivated!

For petDetect, the mini chips went down very well and the Universal scanner is very useful to vets who see imported dogs, exotics in zoos etc which may travel around the world. There was a buzz about both days that made it well worth our attendance. Speaking to so many young vets with a strong interest in exotics alongside all our old friends. It was fantastic to see the recognition of exotics as increasingly popular pets being matched with a growing number of vets. Also, John Chitty’s talks on exotic consultations were highly accurate and informative for anyone who had chance to see them. We felt sponsoring his talks was of great benefit for the business.

Richard Fry, Micro-ID

Best show yet – a great improvement on last year. We had plenty of interest in our mini-chip, and a great reaction to our on-stand draw, which was won by Nigel Greenwood of Greenwood-Brown vet clinic in Pontefract, and Colin Wilcocks of Stable Close Vets, Winchester, who get a choice of either a waterproof camcorder, a 7” android tablet or a Halo microchip scanner.

Julia Beale, PLH Medical

The PLH stand was as busy as ever with delegates interested in x-ray and ultrasound equipment. PLH Medical held an invite-only presentation for the new Agfa Musica3 software, and also sponsored the imaging lectures on the Friday which were both very well attended. The London Vet Show is fast becoming our main platform of the year to exhibit our exciting range of imaging equipment. Listening to individual practice requirements allows our experienced team to give valuable advice on their best solutions. The Show is well organised, atmospheric and current.

Sandeep Saib, Careline4Vets

This was my first time attending and exhibiting as Careline4Vets at the annual London Vet Show in Olympia, and I found it thoroughly interesting and was able to gain a further

insight into the Veterinary industry and the various specialist industries out there who cater to Veterinary professionals. It was great opportunity to network with the various exhibitors, discuss the possiblities of working together and build relationships. I look forward to attending next year!

Melvyn Driver, MDC Exports

This has been a fantastic show. We’re delighted with the way Smart Oxygen™ has been received. There’s been some genuine excitement not only for Smart Oxygen ™ but for other products we have in the pipeline, We’re particularly excited about making a difference with our latest innovation”.

Liz Watkins, Chunk Training.

It has become huge. Having not been there for a few years I was impressed how large it was. I had both hats on - a potential exhibitor and a vet. From the vets point of view, the lecture theatres still have some way to go: the projected images were very pale and lacked clarity in all 3 of the theatres I visited. The selection and range of talks was, as ever, excellent, which is great as it is this that is the main factor in attracting vets to the show. And the noise is a perennial problem. I have learnt to take a seat as far as possible from the commercial exhibition, where the background noise is less obtrusive. The commercial exhibition was great from a vet's point of view - well signposted, and as easy to get around as is possible in such a big area. I was thankful for the number of sitemaps displayed around the area. But as an exhibitor, the big guys got the good spots (understandably) but many of the small stands were unlikely to be found by those just browsing.